"TPF make one of the more challenging tasks within the sporting industry a breeze! Their Staff are very knowledgeable and super friendly and somehow they always find a way to make your big ideas a reality."
"TPF are easily the best supplier we work with. Their service, efficiency and professionalism is second to none and the delivery of the programme is always on time and of high quality."
West Coast Eagles
"We have used the services of TPF for the past four seasons and their professionalism and understanding has been invaluable to us providing an outstanding Membership programme."
"The on demand items and personalisation has added an extra benefit to all our packs, especially the Junior items. We’ve even had Adults wanting to order these pack items for themselves for an additional cost!"
Brisbane Lions
“We love the on demand product, not having to commit to quantities, and only get charged for our usage is the ideal model. We look forward to this range continuing to grow!”
St Kilda
“I have been wowed by the ease and efficiency of the data process. Loading a file to approval is almost instantaneous and is so user friendly. The transparency over the real-time progress of the file is amazing.”
Newcastle Knights
The end to end bespoke solution that TPF Sports provided exceeded our expectations. From the garment design and range process, logistics, on-track store requirements and staffing, e-commerce shop and customer service, reporting and everything between… We could not have achieved what we did without you and are very grateful for all the hard work and assistance with this entire project.

TPF have fulfilled our merchandise platforms since 2015, constantly evolving to the challenges of changing commercial platforms and a truly national event footprint. Dynamic event solutions have ensured our Team continues to offer the largest most engaging retail opportunity in the Supercars Championship.

Triple 8